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PLEASE NOTE: GradeTransferer works with most configurations of the supported platforms, however sometimes districts offer configurations that may need a quick district-specific tweak of GradeTransferer to properly transfer data. If you think this may be your case, please have someone from your district's technology department reach out to get started.

GradeTransferer stopped working? We tightened our matching algorithm in our most recent update, and depending on your configuration it might have caused some issues :/ Fear not, we have a solution built in for you already called the Name Discrepancy Fixer. We're also adding a new 'pattern recognition' feature in our January update to automate the process for you :) Stay tuned, and thank you for your patience as we work tirelessly to make this work for all teachers everywhere regardless of their unique setups!

Installing GradeTransferer Properly

Using GradeTransferer (General)

GradeTransferer works by grabbing data from an educational platform, auto-sorting it, and transferring it into the appropriate student grade fields in a grade book with the mere click of a button, thus eliminating typos and saving time!

Fixing names that don't match

If there are differences in where you grab data and where you fill it, you can 'teach' GradeTransferer what the names should be and have it reconfigure them automatically once grabbed – All without having to bother your tech department!

Making GradeTransferer Icon Visible

Extensions are sometimes hidden by Chrome under the gray puzzle-piece icon. You can click it and then 'pin' GradeTransferer to your toolbar so it doesn't disappear again.

Grabbing Data From Your Computer's Clipboard

An updated version of this video is coming before midnight December 18th

Using GradeTransferer's "Auto-Detect / Select Platform" Feature

GradeTransferer is normally able to detect the educational platform where you are trying to use it automatically. Sometimes districts have odd configurations however, where this 'auto-detect' feature can't recognize what's going on, or thinks it's on a different platform than it really is. For such cases, you can turn off the 'auto-detect' feature and then tell GradeTransferer which platform you are using by clicking the 'Select Platform' button and choosing the correct icon of your platform on the screen that pops up. NOTE: If at that point is still doesn't work (and you've restarted Chrome already) it could be that your district needs a quick patch created so GradeTransferer can work properly. Please have someone from your district's technology department reach out to our support team and we can usually create a patch in about a week. Thereafter, your entire district will be able to use GradeTransferer.

Transferring Grades Into Infinite Campus

NOTE: For large classes or slow-connections, manually scroll down to the bottom of the roster before clicking 'Fill Data' (otherwise the lower part of your roster may not get its data transferred).

Transferring Grades Into Aspen

Grabbing Grades From Schoology

Grabbing Grades From ZipGrade

Grabbing Grades From Socrative

Grabbing Grades From AP Classroom

Grabbing Grades From Amplify

Transferring Grades To Genesis

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