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Common Questions

Which platforms are supported?

Currently in the pipeline are Quizziz, Khan Academy, and NJCTL's gradebook

How do you use Grade Transferer?

Grade Transferer works by grabbing data from an educational platform, auto-sorting it, and transferring it into the appropriate student grade fields in a grade book with the mere click of a button, thus eliminating typos and saving time!

What if some names don't match?

If there are differences in where you grab data and where you fill it, you can 'teach' GradeTransferer what the names should be and have it reconfigure them automatically once grabbed – All without having to bother your tech department!

How do I cancel my subscription if I change my mind?

If you would like to adjust your subscription or billing preferences/cancel you may do so at anytime using the customer billing portal here. Alternatively you can simply reach out to "" and we'll take care of it for you :)

Do I need a credit card to try it?

No. We offer a 7-day-no-credit-card-required-try-it-and-see-if-it-works-for-you-and-you-love-it-for-totally-free trial. Simply add it to Chrome, navigate to "chrome://restart", and try it.

Can my school purchase this for me?

Absolutely! Please share this link with your department head, principal, technology director, purchasing department or superintendent to help them get started. (...and yes, we accept purchase orders). You can also find resources to help get your school/district onboard here

Can I get a refund if my district buys this for me?

Yes, we can refund the unused (overlapping) portion of your personal subscription if your school ends up purchasing a subscription for you mid-year. You can read more about it in our Terms of Service