Grade Transferer

Bug Report [2020.08.20]:
(Resolved 2020.08.25 – v1.992)

NOTE: In rushing the update we forgot to change the v1.991 to a v1.992 in the app's header. To check your current version, go to "chrome://extensions"

Problem [PowerTeacherPro]==>Fixed:
GradeTransferer's speed improvements in v1.991 for filling data are causing inconsistencies in the data being filled. Please use caution when using GradeTransferer for filling data into this platform. A solution to the problem has been found and is currently being packaged for deployment to users as GradeTransferer v1.992. Users should have a fix within the next few hours/days.

Problem [Edulastic]==>current:

Edulastic updated their system and some changes may be conflicting with the grabbing feature of GradeTransferer on select pages. We are looking into this issue as well but no definitive timeframe or solution has yet been developed.

Offline (for new downloads only) Report [2020.01.14]:
(approved/fixed 2020.01.16 – v1.97)

GradeTransferer was taken off the Chrome webstore as it upgrades from v1.96 to v1.97; current users unaffected at this time, new users unable to download. Message to users on homepage explaining details.

Bug Report [2019.09.30]:
(fixed 10/01/2019 – v1.95)

Google Classroom won't grab grades that are zeroes since the update to v1.94.

GradeTransferer v1.95 upgrades

Bug Report [2019.09.22]:
(anticipated fix before 09/28/2019 – v1.94)
(fixed 09/28/2019 – v1.94)

Google Classroom can only grab data correctly once, and then keeps grabbing zero data-points when on school WIFI in some districts. This is a conflict between the latest update and Google Classroom server issues that happen in some districts when GradTransferer is used on district WIFI. If you are part of the affected bunch, please use GradeTransferer at home on your own WIFI so you don't encounter the issue. I am working on a solution which will be pushed out via an auto-update to v1.94 before the end of this week.

Hopefully this will also make grabbing data from Google Classroom up to 90% faster than before.

GradeTransferer v1.94 upgrades

Critical Update Report [2019.09.10 –– update 2019.09.19]:
(completed 09/19/2019 – v1.93)

GradeTransferer user-base is growing exponentially (good).
GradeTransferer cannot service this many people at once (bad).
GradeTransferer needs critical upgrades to essential parts of the software and server-side stuff to continue to exist.

GradeTransferer upgrades (in the works right now / already done)

Bug Report [2019.04.03]:
(fixed 04/04/2019 – v1.8)

In certain scenarios when switching between classes in Google Classroom, the web cache used to help load pages quicker was interfering with data gathering. Requested: Method to 'Hold Data' in case students were in different classes so teachers would not need to go back and forth multiple times grabbing the same set of data to then fill into a variety of classes. Support for and platforms alongside Google Classroom.

GradeTransferer v1.8 upgrades

Bug Report [2018.10.12]:
(fixed 10/12/2018 – v1.6)

GradeTransferer in certain situations does not fully clear the local storage bin, leaving traces of data that interfere with proper future function, causing teachers to perform hard-resets on browser to regain proper function of GradeTransferer. Requested: manual data clearing and viewing solutions.

GradeTransferer v1.6 upgrades

Bug Report [2018.09.27]:
(fixed 09/30/2018 – v1.5)

GradeTransferer does not recognize student data on Google Classroom page and therefore cannot "Grab Data" correctly without manual activation of 'grade input' fields. Working on a fix as you read this.

Temporary Fix while patch is created and update pushed out:

If you click on the grade next to the student’s name (as if you were about to input/change the grade for the assignment) it should/will work for the student. Please see the image below for clarification.

Google Classroom Screenshot with explanation